Genie II in Stores Now

A new era of motion control, Genie II is stronger, faster and quieter than its predecessor with the same attention to simplicity and portability.  Sure, you can still fit it in your backpack, but this time you’ll also be getting keyframes, full camera control, Live View, high-speed wireless connection, multi-axis movement (optional) and much, much more.

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Swappable Battery

Take extra batteries for shooting in remote locations

Joystick Control

Integrated Joystick for quick setup and live drive

Quick Release

Connect equipment with ease on both Genie II Pan Tilt and Linear

180 Degrees of tilting motion

Tilt a full 180 degrees and Pan 360 degrees (Genie II Pan Tilt)

Syrp Rope Drive System

Track unlimited distances and attach to any Slider (Genie II Linear)

Key-Frame Control

Program complex movements using the built-in Key-Frame Editor

Multi-Row Panorama

Shoot high resolution multi-row Panorama or Gigapixel images.

Multi-Axis control

Connect to any number of Genie products for multi-axis control


Start shooting straight away using one of our built-in pre-sets or save your own for quick setup

Ease in, Ease out

Smoothly ramp the speed of your movement for any Key-frame


Built-in joystick for quick setup of start and end points

HDR Time-lapse

Shoot bracketed exposures for HDR Time-lapse

Auto Exposure Ramping (Bulb Ramping)

Shoot day-to-night Time-lapse using our built-in exposure ramping tool

Live Axis Control

Control each axis using a different setup for live control

360 Time-Lapse

Use 360 time-lapse mode and shoot immersive time-lapse content

Genie II Available now from these Dealers

Due to incredible demand, the first production run of Genie II has all sold out. However, a limited amount of stock is still available from these dealers, click on your country below to find a dealer. If you have trouble finding a Genie II at your local please contact us and we will point you in the right direction.

Alternatively, you can order directly from Syrp for the second production run ETA November 2018.

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South Africa

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