The Magic Carpet is a simple, durable slider for silky smooth professional tracking movements.The Magic Carpet is ‘Genie friendly’ and includes everything you need to quickly add full motion control.

Buttery Smooth Video

Motion Control Ready

Adjustable Legs

Motion Control Ready

The Magic Carpet is an essential tool for all filmmakers. The simple, durable design allows for smooth manual tracking shots and comes motion control ready. Allowing for quick setup and precision filmmaking.

Vertical Motion

Use the integrated counterbalance system to lift heavier camera setups vertically. Combined with any of the Genie Tracking products, you can achieve smooth upward and downward motion control moves.

Adjustable Legs

Precise levelling can be achieved on numerous types of terrain by adjusting the slider legs to adapt to the surface.

Expand Your Kit

A slider built to wtihstand the demands of professional filmmaking. Magic Carpet Pro has been designed to produce supremely smooth tracking movements with heavier camera loads.


Best Awards

"The product embodies an informed empathy with customer interests in an understated, elegantly designed and precision-engineered format. Aesthetically on cue and ergonomically intuitive."

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"It's clear that the Syrp team did their homework when they set out to build the Magic Carpet sliders. They work excellently with or without other Syrp products and offer a design of slider that combines the best of what many other companies are doing into one affordable package."

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Magic Carpet

  • Dimensions
  • Weights
  • Payloads
  • Carriage
  • Mounting Options
  • End Caps
  • Materials


Track length = 1600mm
Overall length = 1700mm
Track width = 125mm
Track diameter = 25mm
Track height = 33mm
Distance between tracks = 75mm
Carriage = L 116mm x W 125mm
Feet Length = 100mm


Long Track:

Magic Carpet (incl end caps and carriage) = 2.66kg/5.86lbs
Carriage = 0.36kg/0.8lbs
End cap = 0.26kg/0.57lbs ea
Track = 0.95kg/2.1lbs

Short Track:

Magic Carpet (incl end caps and carriage) = 1.83kg/4.03lbs
Carriage = 0.36kg/0.8lbs
End cap = 0.26kg/0.57lbs
Track = 0.95kg/2.1lbs


1-7kg/ 2.2-15.5lbs


Smooth ball bearing roller carriage 

Mounting Options

End Caps