Genie Mini II is here!

Today we are super excited to finally announce Genie Mini II! A few years after the hugely successful launch of Genie Mini, we thought it was about time to upgrade this pocket-sized bestseller.

This miniature motion controller is now packed with powerful features that were previously available for Genie II owners only. Genie Mini II includes all the latest Syrp technology like WiFi, USB-C and Bluetooth 4.2. For this reason, this game-changing device is now fully compatible with future software releases like camera control, auto exposure ramping and time-lapse compiler. Not all features are available upon the first release, but free firmware updates will happen regularly.

It also has a faster Bluetooth chip than it’s predecessor, providing a more reliable and faster connection. It includes the ability to set 10 keyframes rather than 5 and can do 5 rows of multi-row panorama instead of 2. In terms of appearance, it has a sharper, sleeker design aesthetic but the form factor is exactly the same.

Find the full list of features available below.

So what's new?

Genie Mini II may look similar to Genie Mini on the outside, but never judge a book by its cover. There is a big difference on the inside.

  • Latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology: providing a more reliable and faster connection with other Syrp devices and the App.
  • USB-C – For charging and later; for camera control.
  • Multirow panoramaUse the new app to sync two Genie Minis together (Pan & Tilt). Simply specify the focal length and overlap for each image, shoot up to 5 rows for creating high-resolution 'gigapixel' images and 360 content
  • Set up to 10 keyframes and program more complex motion control movements allowing you to pan at different speeds and even directions.
  • Connect Genie Mini II to other Syrp products like the Genie II Linear or even other Genie Mini’s to create up to 3-Axis motion control. Customise each axis separately for more advanced motion control movements.
  • The Simple Setup feature allows you to adjust your smooth panning motion by using the simple dial user interface.
  • In-app joystick control for setting start and end points. Use the onscreen joystick to move the Genie Mini II to the desired start and end point perfect for quick setup.
  • WiFi will enable you to access future software features.


Advanced features that will be available and released soon*:

  • Camera control: Control the camera directly from your smartphone and adjust exposure settings like ISO, shutter speed and aperture remotely.
  • Time-lapse compiler: Process a time-lapse directly on your device to see a time-lapse preview. You will even be able to share directly on Facebook or Instagram!
  • Auto Exposure ramping: Shoot a day-to-night time-lapse using our built-in exposure ramping tool that automatically ramps exposure values. So easy!

Compatibility with other Syrp devices

Genie Mini II is compatible with all Syrp motion controllers, but there's one exception. Genie Mini II is NOT directly compatible with the original Genie (as a Pan Track kit). If you want to use the new Genie Mini II with the Genie, you will have to add a Genie Mini to the equation. By doing so, they can communicate via the Sync cable (3-Axis setup).

The issue is that the original Genie does not have Bluetooth and requires a Sync cable for connection. However, Genie Mini II is not compatible with a Sync Cable.

Genie Mini II is fully compatible with other Genie Mini II's, Genie II Linear and with the original Genie Mini. When using Genie Mini II with another product, you will always be restricted by the device with the lowest limitation. For example if using Genie Mini + Genie Mini II. The max keyframes is 5 and the max rows of panorama is 2 (limitation of Genie Mini). This is not done on purpose and has to do with the amount of memory that can be stored on the original Genie Mini which is extremely limited.

Genie Mini II - set it up!

In this video, we unbox Genie Mini II and walk you through the process of setting it up with your camera and Syrp Genie II App.

Covered in this tutorial is:

    • How to update your Genie Mini II firmware
    • Differences between advanced setup and quick setup
    • Presets
    • Customizing your panning movement for time-lapse and video: recording time, play time and interval
    • Change settings like shutter signal and Frame Rate.

*Any indications of target release dates are subject to change.


Get started with multi-row panoramas!

As if the news about the all-new Genie Mini II wasn't exciting enough, together with this launch we are also announcing a new feature available on the Syrp Genie 2 App: Multi-Row Panorama.
Maximum rows of Panorama for each pan tilt configuration are as below:

Genie Mini + Genie Mini: Max 2 rows
Genie Mini + Genie Mini II: Max 2 rows
Genie Mini II + Genie Mini II: Max 5 rows

The limitations above are not imposed by us from software side, they are due to the memory constraints of the original Genie Mini. Even when using a Genie Mini with Genie Mini II we will always be limited by the device with the least memory in this case it results in limitation of 2 rows.

Read everything about it and watch our tutorial here:

Did we miss something? Comment below with any questions!


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4 thoughts on “Genie Mini II is here!

  1. Hi
    In order to use a panoramic gimbal (or at least the one I have) to avoid Parallax issues, I need o be able to mount the the pan and tilt mini ii. This means the 3/8” mount thread on one side will be too large.
    Do you have a suggested way t get around this ?

    1. Hi Mark,

      There is a thread adapter in the box, it can make the 1/4 screw into a 3/8 or the 3/8 hole into a 1/4 🙂

  2. Can the Mini II be paired with a Genie Mini I already have for two axis time lapses or multi-row panoramas? It doesn’t appear as if the new Genie II app recognizes the older Mini.

    1. HI Alan, Yes the Genie Mini II can be paired with the original Genie Mini for timelapse or multi-row panoramas. For multi-row You will be limited to 2 rows with the original Genie Mini and up to 5 rows with the Genie Mini II. I will send you an email to ensure you are able to connect via the Genie II App.

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