Introducing Multi-Row panorama

As if the news about the all-new Genie Mini II wasn't exciting enough, together with this launch we are announcing a new feature available on the Syrp Genie 2 App: Multi-Row Panorama.

What does that mean for you as a photographer?  With this feature, available for both Genie II Pan Tilt and Genie Mini II, you will have the ability to shoot up to 5 rows of images enabling you to create high resolution 'gigapixel' images and up to 360-degree panoramas.

You will still be able to create single-row panoramas with the App if that's your choice.

How to shoot Panoramas

In this tutorial, we will explain to you how to set up a panorama using Syrp Genie 2 App, both single and multi-row. The video showcases the Genie Mini II Pan Tilt Kit as the go-to motion control rig, but as mentioned before, this feature is also available for Genie II Pan Tilt. The settings on the App will be the same for both.

Watch the video to learn how to smartly configure your panorama and set up your camera variables like sensor size, aspect ratio, focal length and orientation. The multi-row feature and configuration process has been created to be as intuitive as possible, so make sure you follow all the steps and you will be set up to capture amazing high-resolution images and 360 shots!

How to Process a Multi-Row Panorama

We understand that the hardest part comes after shooting the images when the time comes to stitch them together using the software. For that reason, a couple of years ago, we created a tutorial on "How to Process a Multi-Row Panorama" using Lightroom. We are planning to release a new and updated tutorial specifically for processing multi-row panoramas, but in the meantime, you can check this video and leave any questions in the comments below.

Did we miss something? Comment below with any questions!


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  1. I see That you are using a sony camera. Will this work with a sony a7r2 ?

    1. Totally, but if you have more questions about this feature you can send us an email to

  2. […] faster connection. It includes the ability to set 10 keyframes rather than 5 and can do 5 rows of multi-row panorama instead of 2. In terms of appearance, it has a sharper, sleeker design aesthetic but the form factor is exactly […]

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