NAB and film trip

We've just spent a few weeks in the United States attending NAB trade show in Las Vegas and filming a short documentary on a band in Austin, TX. During filming we travelled from New Orleans to Austin and managed to film a lot for our new series that we are excited to launch soon. The Genie was out in full force shooting timelapse + real time video and we also had the chance to test one of our new products that we are working on as well as continued filmware testing - it's coming! Some of you may have experienced som problems with our website recently, we apologize for this! To spare you of the technical jargon we basically had to do a spring clean of our website, we hope it didn't cause too much inconvenience. More posts to come!

An infactuated fan.

New Orleans Jammin'

Some fine folk from the streets of New Orleans

On the road again!

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