New feature available: Live Drive Setup

Good news! For those that haven't noticed already, the Syrp Genie 2 App now has a new feature available: Live Drive Setup.

This dedicated mode now gives you full joystick control, plus the ability to vary the speed of each axis independently. Also, you can change the joystick control orientation.

The new feature is available for Genie II Linear, Genie II Pan Tilt and Genie Mini II.

This new feature specifically designed for filmmakers, will be a key differentiator if you're doing live work. Applications could include almost anything whereby the user wants to follow a subject by manually driving the camera from the App, completely wirelessly. This can be useful when filming an event where the subject is moving around on stage, playing sport, action sports or even for a feature film.

  1. Live Drive is displayed as a feature under "Create Content" and works with any app-driven Syrp motion control setup. Can't miss it!

2. After selecting that option and depending on your motion controllers, you will see up to 3-axis on the screen. Use the displayed joystick to drive the devices independently. If necessary, it's also possible to switch on or off an axis for more refined control.

3. The Live Drive setup will give you the option of changing the joystick settings: speed, smoothing and direction.

  • Speed: Customise the speed separately on each axis between 0-100% for more refined speed control.
  • Smoothing: Smoothing can be set between 0-10 to adjust the amount of easing the movement has before it reaches full speed.
  • Direction: Direction changes how the product responds when using the joystick. Ex. When set to regular; ‘Up’, on Tilt means the lens drives up. Switching from regular to inverted means that dragging ‘up’ on the Tilt axis will drive the lens down. This is usually a matter of personal preference or useful if using in a unique application like upside down.

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