We have expanded our filter range: Circular Polarizing Filter

If there's one filter that you should always have in your camera bag, it's the Circular Polarizing Filter. Incredibly popular among landscape photographers over the years, this filter is slowly becoming essential for almost all types of photography and videography not to mention the perfect accessory to make your time-lapses pop!

This is the filter that everybody is talking about and we're stoked to add one to our range!

What's a Circular Polarizing Filter used for?

Primarily, this filter is used to get rid of any unwanted glare or reflections, allowing the natural colours to show. This is especially useful when capturing images through glass or windows. The CP filter is a must for all landscape, real estate, vehicle, urban and events photographers and videographers.

See the still below? It would have been impossible to remove the reflections of this car window using software. Simply by using the filter, we can focus on the subject and the inside of the car.

On the other hand, the Syrp Circular Polarizing Filter reduces harsh light, deepen blues in the sky and enhances contrast in your content. The perfect way to add saturation in your shots and make them look more vibrant! Shoot that perfect still of a white sand beach, emerald water, green jungle and deep blue sky? Photographers and filmmakers have been using this filter for years to capture these dreamy landscapes,  because the CP filter adds saturation, enriching the colours and reducing the unwanted light.

Adjust the amount of polarization!

No shooting situation is the same, simply rotate the filter to modify the strength of the polarizing effect on your shot, and customize the exact look you want to achieve. Really easy!

What's in the box?

The Syrp Circular Polarizing filter comes in either an 82mm (large) or 67mm (small) size. The large filter includes step-up rings for 77mm and 72mm lenses while the small filter comes with adapters for 58mm and 52mm lenses.

A genuine leather case and Syrp Lens cloth are also included. Made from high-quality German Schott glass with an anti-scratch layer. The construction of the filter has an aluminium frame and the glass is multi-coated with a super low reflection rate.

Syrp Filter Range Comparison Chart

Learn what filter works better for you with this simple comparison chart:


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