Variable ND Filter

For shooting in bright lighting conditions with DSLR or Mirrorless cameras. An essential filmmaking and photography tool.

  • High-quality Japanese-made glass
  • Reduces the amount of light from 1 up to 8.5 stops
  • Create bokeh effects or shoot glassy smooth lakes and waterfalls
  • Comes with two step-up rings to fit additional lens sizes
  • Includes genuine leather case and lens cloth


The Syrp Variable ND Filter is an essential filmmaking and photography tool. With 1 to 8.5 stops of light reduction, create a dreamy bokeh effect in your films, ideal for shooting video with DSLR or mirrorless cameras.
Many interchangeable lens cameras do not include built-in variable ND filters, making them almost impossible to be used effectively for video in outdoor applications. The Syrp Variable ND filter reduces the amount of light passing through the lens and allows for shooting at wide-open apertures even in bright conditions.
It can also be used for long exposure photography or time-lapse, as it allows you to slow your shutter speeds, giving you the option to shoot glassy smooth lakes and waterfalls.
Made from high-quality Japanese glass, each kit comes protected in a genuine leather case and includes step-up rings to fit additional lens sizes.



0.0345 kg

Filter Diameter

82 mm


10.7 x 10.7 x 0.9 cm

Attachment Type

Male Screw 82mm

Front Accessory Mounting

Female Screw 82mm

Product Contents

1 x Large Variable ND Filter - 82mm 1 x Genuine leather case 1 x Adapter for 77mm lenses 1 x Adapter for 72mm lenses 1 x Syrp lens cloth


82, 77, 72mm lenses


Aluminium, Optical glass construction

Technical specifications Full list

The Essential Film-making and Photography Tool.

Gain control of your lighting and shot at your desired shutter speed or aperture regardless of the available lighting.
Invaluable for maintaining the correct shutter speed while filming and full creative photography control.

Essential for All Film-makers

Improved Film Footage

A fixed shutter speed when filming is important, but you don’t want to compromise your apeture to achieve it. With a Syrp ND filter you can control the light and maintain your speed.

Compare the Difference

Recording during the day often requires a small aperture and thus a full depth of field, but with an ND filter, you can open up your aperture, blur the background and focus in on the subject.


Creative Photography

How a Variable ND Filter Works

By fixing a Syrp ND Filter to your lens you can finely reduce the amount light entering the lens from 1 up to 8.5 stops, just by a twist of the wrist. It’s the single filter that does the job of many.

SLR Lounge Review the Syrp ND Filter

Learn how and why SLR lounge use ND Filters both for video and photography and their test review of the Syrp ND Filter. “Absolutely fantastic it worked incredibly well” – SLR Lounge


Exceptional image clarity and colour accuracy.

Precision engineered Aluminium Alloy with engraved index stop markings for durability and long life.

Anti-Reflective and protective Nano coating that repels and resists surface reflections, fingerprints, scratches, and dust.

High quality Japanese optical glass delivers incredibly sharp images.

Effortless Smooth movement with knurled rings and hard stops at each end of the stop range.

Reduce exposure from 5-10 stops with minimal cross hatching even at the greatest stop of 8.5

Variable ND Filter
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