Rethinking the way you frame your shots: new Tilt Platform

The simplest yet most effective way to improve production value is to move your camera in interesting and creative ways. Using a slider on an angle shows more in the vertical axis and can be used to reveal scenes or landscapes behind foreground objects, making it more dynamic for the viewer.

Today we are launching the Tilt Platform the perfect accessory to add dynamic vertical motion to your next shoot!

When trying to get a vertical shot using a slider, making sure that your camera is perfectly levelled can be challenging especially when using the Genie II 3-axis kit.   The Tilt Platform is a simple-to-use, tool-less accessory with angle markings on the side going all the way up to 90 °, allowing accurate angle repositioning.

The tilt platform is the ideal solution for using Genie II linear on an angle and allows you to shoot vertical motion video and time-lapse while keeping your camera perfectly level.  Capture unique angles all the way up to completely vertical!

Works on any slider! The tilt platform is ideal for any manually operated slider on the market and fits perfectly with Magic Carpet range allowing you to level your camera quickly and easily while still giving you full control of your composition using your tripod head.

Secure your camera at any angle up to a maximum payload of 6kg or 13.2lbs.


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