A slider built to withstand the demands of professional filmmaking. Magic Carpet Pro has been designed
to produce supremely smooth tracking moves with heavier camera loads.

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Even with the most demanding payloads, the Carriage-integrated Flywheel ensures your hand-pushed tracking shots are silky smooth every time.

Endlessly Extendable

Each Magic Carpet Pro comes with precision-machined Track Joiners, enabling you to infinitely add length without losing quality. It’s completely tool-less too – simply join the tracks together, lock the lever to secure, and shoot.

Quick release system

Our Patent Pending Quick Release System is specifically designed to keep your camera secure while keeping you mobile. Simply attach the QR Plate to your tripod head, click in to shoot, and release when you need to move.

Motion Control Ready

Magic Carpet Pro is ultra compatible for motion control.  Genie II Linear clicks directly into the carriage making it a lower profile, more secure motion control system. Add Genie II Pan Tilt on top for full 3-Axis control.

Shooting car movements for video


Best Awards New Zealand

"The familiar minimal aesthetic complements the high-end cameras used on this supremely smooth motion tracking device. The endlessly extendable tracks and hidden purposeful technology drew the judges admiration and a Gold Pin"

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Good Design Australia

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"This product was super easy to get up and running in minutes. I could see using this for years and years and never having a problem. The expandability options such as hooking up a motor or using the counterweight cable option, make it suitable for anyone's needs or just for use as is."

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"There are no loose parts that could potentially get lost during setups. No thumb knobs, no drive belts, etc. The Carriage-integrated Flywheel keeps your tracking shots smooth as it ramps up rotation and ramps down at the end of your movement. Best of all, the flywheel can be de-activated with a press of a button."

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"The joint between tracks is perfect. Syrp did a great job engineering the Magic Carpet Pro to have no transition issues regardless of the length of the track. It’s easy to set up, it’s expandable and the flywheel makes getting the shot on the first take, much more likely. The price of the Magic Carpet Pro makes is hard to choose anything else if you need a large payload capacity."

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Magic Carpet PRO

  • Dimensions
  • Weights
  • Payloads
  • Carriage
  • Mounting Options
  • End Caps
  • Materials


Short Track: 2' (600mm)Medium Track: 3' (900mm)
Magic Carpet Pro Short + Medium Combo: 5' (1500mm) Medium Track + Short Track
Track Width: 7.56" (192mm)


Short Track: 10.78 lbs (4.9kgKg) - Includes End Caps + Carriage
Medium Track: 12.65 lbs (5.73Kg) - Includes End Caps + Carriage
Magic Carpet Pro Short + Medium Combo: 16.3 lbs (7.4Kg) - Includes End Caps + Carriage


Horizontal: 70 lbs (32Kg)
Horizontal with Track Joiner extension: 50 lbs (23Kg)
Vertical (with camera up to 250mm out from carriage): 24.2 lbs (11Kg)
Upside Down: 50 lbs (23Kg)


Flywheel weight: 1.16 lbs (525g)
Bubble level for precise track levelling
Carriage brake for safe transport
Syrp Quick Release system

Mounting Options

1 mounting point per Short Track - 1/4" and 3/8" UNC thread
2 mounting points per Medium Track - 1/4" and 3/8" UNC thread
1 mounting point on each End Cap (2 per track) - 1/4" and 3/8" UNC thread

End Caps

Adjustable legs angle
Fine adjustment feet height
Collapsible legs
Genie Rope Hook


Track: High strength Aluminium 6061
Track Brackets: Die-cast Alloy
Carriage: Die-cast Alloy
End Caps: Die-cast Alloy