Genie feature upgrades are coming!…

Lately we've been getting out of the office a fair bit to test out the latest features being added into the new firmware for the Genie. This has been top of our priorities for quite some time now and it's taken a little longer than we anticipated. This morning we tested our new infrared emitter which works with Sony NEX 'mirrorless' cameras among others. Since these cameras don't have a remote input for a link cable, the Syrp infrared cable can be plugged into the Genie instead and will fire the shutter via infrared, just like your TV remote. Those of you with a Sony NEX or similar camera that do not have a remote input will be all set with one of these. You can also use it with your Canon 5D mark II and other cameras that have infrared if you so desire. Other features we tested were HDR, Ease in / out and Auto start. All seemed to be working well with a few bugs that are being tidied up at the moment. We're really close to releasing this as a beta version and hope to have made substantial progress by the end of the week. Stay tuned!

Testing HDR up the Remarkables

Genie talking to Sony NEX-5 via Infrared

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