The new generation of motion control hits stores: Genie II Linear and Genie II Pan Tilt


Good things come to those who wait! After years of development, countless revisions and thousands of hours of design, Genie II is finally available in stores worldwide.

Genie II is stronger and quieter than its predecessor (Genie) with the same attention to simplicity and portability. It still fits inside your backpack but you'll also be getting keyframes, full camera control*, high-speed wireless connection, 3-axis motion control and much more. It adds many new and improved features and applications for filmmakers and photographers.

Genie II is made up of two independently used modules, Linear and Pan Tilt. By combining both, you will end up with the ultimate 3-Axis motion control tool. Plus, this revolutionary device is packed with the latest technology including Bluetooth, WiFi and USB-C meaning that the options for future feature releases are endless. The Pan Tilt and Linear sync via Bluetooth keeping cables and setup time to an absolute minimum and include the same removable battery for both devices.

Along with this entirely new motion control system, we are also introducing the all-new Syrp Genie 2 App. The app is the at the core of our control for Genie II and future Syrp motion control products. With keyframe functionality included, the app is designed to be film-maker friendly, either select from presets for simple setup or program your own complex movement using our keyframe editor.

Introducing Genie II Linear

This supercharged version of the original Genie comes with improved speed, power, noise reduction and many new features. Genie II Linear can attach to any film equipment on the market including your favourite sliders, cable cams and DIY gear. We’ve redesigned the rope drive system meaning there’s a lot less friction making it more reliable for vertical motion and improved power consumption.

Use the time-lapse mode for linear motion time-lapse and the video mode for smooth motion video. Portability was kept at the forefront of design so Genie II Linear can easily slot into any camera bag and always be a part of your regular camera kit.

If you're shooting interviews or anything that requires keeping the noise down to a minimum, Genie II Linear is your go-to motion controller. It provides both the smooth controlled motion that you need in your films and it runs back and forward without you having to monitor it. Plus, the added bonus of being ultra-quiet.

You can fully control the Linear Drive with the app utilising keyframes for complex setup. You can also use the integrated joystick on the device for quickly re-positioning it without having to use your smartphone or tablet, perfect for quick setup and run-and-gun productions.

If you have been following our recent announcements, you probably know about our Quick Release plate (patent pending). In case you don't, this system was specifically designed to keep your camera secure while keeping you mobile and is one of our greatest on-location time savers. Genie II Linear has the Quick Release plate integrated. Simply attach the QR Plate to your camera or Tripod head and click it straight in to shoot.

On a side note, we recently launched Magic Carpet Pro that also comes with an integrated QR receiver. If you attach Genie II Linear with Magic Carpet Pro you will get an incredibly low profile, stable setup.


Multi-Axis Integration

Click in the Genie II Pan Tilt directly into the Linear, sync over Bluetooth and you have a full 3-Axis system that can be set up and controlled via the Syrp Genie 2 App.

As an alternative, you can combine Genie Mini with the Genie II Linear Drive for a super sleek and compact Pan Track motion controller. It gives filmmakers a powerful but affordable 2 axis system, capable of being connected to any slider on the market. Adding another Genie Mini enables 3-Axis in a powerful modular package.


About Genie II Pan Tilt

Genie II Pan Tilt introduces filmmakers and photographers to a world of options when out shooting. Mount it on any tripod for simple and portable Pan Tilt motion control.

Genie Pan Tilt can be controlled either directly on the device itself or with the app. Using the inbuilt software makes it really easy to set up basic recordings without pulling your phone out of your pocket. Use the app to set up more complex movements using keyframes and access other features for time-lapses, video, panorama* and more. Just like it's counterpart, it has an integrated joystick on the device. Use it to set the start and end point of your desired movement by simply pressing the joystick in.

This is a 2-Axis system allowing you to combine both movements: full 180° degrees Tilt and 360° degrees Pan. This will allow filmmakers and photographers to make their dream shots a reality and something that traditional ‘L bracket’ design doesn’t allow for.

Nevertheless, this is where innovation meets tradition. Just like in all other Syrp products, the smoothness in time-lapse and video is second to none. At the same time, Genie II Pan Tilt is extremely portable, allowing it to be easily carried on any filmmaking or photography adventure. Is great for those who always aim to travel light without sacrificing quality.


Genie II 3-Axis Kit

By simply clicking in Genie II Pan Tilt directly into the Genie II Linear Quick Release receiver, you will have the most powerful 3-Axis motion control system on the planet! Just like the Genie Mini integration, everything is synced and controlled via the App. With both Drives in place, you can use the joystick for quickly repositioning and the app for setup and control. Thanks to the integrated Quick Release System, this is a very stable setup. It can be up and ready in a matter of seconds.


Full App redesign

The app has had a complete redesign. Now includes multi-axis Keyframing, Auto Bulb Ramping*, Camera Control*, Live View* and much, much more. Not all features will be available upon the first release, but free firmware updates will happen regularly. These are some of the exciting features we have in the pipeline:• Key-framing - Set any number of keyframes for infinitely complex motion control setup
• Ease in / Ease out - Ramp your movement at the start and end of any keyframe
• In-app joystick control for setting start and endpoints
• Bounce Back (repeat) Mode for shooting interviews

• Multi-row panorama - Compile multi-row panoramas directly on your device

Live Drive - control a Syrp motion controller ‘live’ using the joystick in the app

• Simple App setup mode for quicker setup *On future release
• Exposure Ramping (Bulb Ramping) - Automatically ramps exposure values for day to night time-lapse *On future release
• Live View Mode - See what your camera sees right on your mobile device *On future release
• 360° time-lapse - Capture dynamic panoramic photos and video sequences on your device  *On future release
• Time-lapse compiler - Process a time-lapse directly on your device to see a time-lapse preview  *On future release
• Stop Motion *On future release
• Live Axis control - Use the joystick controls to shoot live action video *On future release
• Gallery editor - make simple video editing adjustments to time-lapse and share online *On future release
• Camera App - Control the camera on your smartphone to use with the Genie *On future release

Watch "Genie II App Basic Setup Tutorial"

Watch "Genie II App - Key-framing Setup Tutorial"

Check this link for the latest feature releases. We're working on even more features in future updates, so stay tuned!

*Feature may not be available on release

If you have any questions or want more information about Genie II Linear, drop us an e-mail to

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